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The authentic atmosphere of the country villa, where nature, art and tradition find their union.

The area and the Villa “Le Pozze” takes its name from the noble family “Dalle Pozze”, Lords of Dicomano, extinct in the 19th century.

Of the building, in its oldest part, there is news dating back to 1246, which recalls on the spot the existence of an oratory, to which presumably the fresco “Madonna with Child”, of Giotto’s reminiscence, is connected.

In the following centuries various modifications were made, today represented by the courtyard with double row of overlapping arches and the 17th century chapel, with the coat of arms of “Dalle Pozze”. Since the end of the 19th century “Le Pozze”, with the adjacent farmhouse and Torre, has been owned by the Cantagalli family, illustrious Florentine ceramists, from which the current owners the Sannini – Canuti family come
The style of the building, built around the tower and inhabited by the Cantagalli and the remaining majolica tiles recall the years of the widespread English presence in Florence, which in the case was represented by the Scottish Margareth Tod, wife of Ulysses Cantagalli.

The building where the farmhouse is located, as happened to many villas in the Mugello, was intended for colonial uses between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
It was certainly damaged by the 1911 earthquake, partially remodeled and repaired and, after a period of relative abandonment, when the sharecropping stopped in the 1960s, it was subject to restoration from 1980, which brought it to its present condition.

Paolo Canuti

Professor of Applied Geology at the University of Florence and Rome, retired.
He graduated in Italy and took his doctorate in France (Montpellier). He has had numerous professional experiences abroad, particularly in Africa and South America. He has been dealing with the farm for about 10 years, has a passion for restoration, antiques, painting.

Martina Canuti

Paolo’s daughter.
She followed web design courses and graduated in I.E.D. (European Design Institute – Milan). He has a passion for art and sculpture, for which he made a stage of marble sculpture in Camaiore.

The owners

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